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GB-1000 / GB-500



Topcon is proud to announce the next generation of modular GPS+ receivers, the new GB-1000 and GB-500. Continuing to lead the precision GPS industry with the most extensive lineup of high end receivers, Topcon’s new receivers bring advanced design to meet your positioning needs of today with built-in flexibility to meet the expanding needs of the future!    The GB-1000 and GB-500 provide advanced Topcon dual-frequency, dual-constellation, GPS+ receiver board design inside a rugged, compact housing.

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At its core is our Paradigm® chip featuring 40 universal super channels that can each track all signals of either L1 or L2 GPS frequencies. It incorporates our new innovations in signal processing, multipath mitigation and co-op tracking, making Topcon GPS+ the best in the field for under-canopy and low signal strength reception.
Following the tradition of other Topcon GPS+ receivers, theses new models also provide complete user customization and upgradeability through the use of Options Authorization Files (OAF’s). A customer can select from a wide variety of options to activate in the receiver to meet their exact needs. No cookie-cutter, one receiver fits all approach, like the other precision GPS manufacturers.

The GB-1000 offers a built in LCD display and operation panel. This display and interface is ideal for checking satellite and receiver status, initializing RTK base operation, or managing static surveying operations.
The GB-1000 also provides a Compact- Flash memory card slot and advanced communication support. With USB, serial, and Ethernet connections, nearly all communication links are supported including LAN, WAN, and Internet connectivity.
The GB-500 provides a simple MINTER display with LEDs providing satellite tracking, battery, and recording status. Both receivers hold two removable Li-Ion handy-cam batteries that you can hot-swap for constant operation, or use optional external power.

In the fast-paced world of GPS+ receiver technology, you need to rely on equipment that can grow with your business. With over 70 years of expertise in the precision measuring industry, Topcon designs and builds technology to meet the changing demands of our customers.

Topcon Tools Post-Processing
Topcon Tools software provides a powerful post-processing solution, network analysis and adjustment with an intuitive operator interface that's easy to learn and use. Version 6.04 further expands the already diverse modular functionality with a new 'Imaging' module to support our newest line of optical imaging products. Impressive data automation routines take much of the hassle out of GPS processing and get you the right answer fast!
Features Include:
  • GIS High Accuracy module
    • GIS Professional bundles the GIS module with High Accuracy module
  • Imaging Module
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Topcon GPS+ data processing with direct import from Topcon receivers using Topcon Link™
  • Expanded features on Design Module include DTM edits, Advanced layer control, and more
  • Advanced Processing module enhanced
  • Additional background image support (Mr.SID…)
  • Expanded import and export for Autodesk

SurveyMaster Office Software
CAD solution and field-to-finish drafting
  • Complete Desktop Survey Solution
  • Field to Finish Topcon Solution
  • Synchronization with TopSURV 7
  • Program is transportable – USB Key
  • Finished Plat Printing
  • Land Survey Functions
  • Contouring and Surface File Editing
  • Volume analysis
  • Standalone performance
Control your survey data with SurveyMaster - whether in a deeded boundary survey or a construction site. SurveyMaster was designed by surveyors for surveyors and stands alone in ease of use and seamless integration with Topcon field equipment.