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It is the World’s First G3 (GPS, Glonass, Galileo) capable GNSS receiver, and a clear indication of Topcon’s technology leadership in the satellite positioning industry!

  • Digital UHF or Spread Spectrum radio
  • Advanced Rugged System Design
  • Optional Internal GSM/GPRS/CDMA Cellular Communication
  • 72 Universal Tracking Channels
  • RTK 10Hz position and raw observation, 20Hz optional
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • G3 Satellite Tracking (GPS, Glonass, Galileo)

Rugged magnesium I-beam construction for unbeatable strength & durability, the GR-3 also boasts easily accessible SD card memory and dual hot-swappable batteries for unlimited continuous operation. Internal Bluetooth wireless technology provides GR-3 users with the advantages of a completely cable-free system with any Topcon field controller.

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Topcon’s GR-3 receiver, the next generation of system design and tracking technology, is now available with a completely new digital UHF radio system utilizing DSP technology. This technological advancement delivers far greater reliability and performance than older analog UHF technology of the past and sets new standards for performance, accuracy and innovative design.

GPS receiver design has taken a quantum leap forward with the new GR-3. It starts with 72 “universal” channels that support all current and planned satellite positioning signals. Then there’s the micro-tuned, precision antenna capable of receiving all G3 positioning signals with Topcon’s patented center-mount radio antenna for superior signal tracking and interference reduction.

The GR-3 receiver incorporates a unique dual communication system, featuring both cellular and radio technology. Offering a 915 MgHz Spread Spectrum internal Tx/Rx* or Digital UHF radio, the GR-3 can serve roles as either an RTK base or rover system. And by utilizing the optional internal GSM/GPRS/CDMA modem communication system via the easily accessible cellular SIM card slot, a user can extend their range far beyond radio capability or utilize both receivers as rover systems off a fixed base station or a network system.


Signal GPS/GLONASS L1/L2/L5 C/A and P Code & Carrier, Galileo E 1/2/5a and L1, WAAS/EGNOS
Channel 72
Cold Tracking <30 seconds
Warm Tracking <5 seconds
Reacquisition <1 seconds
Static 3mm +.5ppm horizontal, 5mm + .5ppm vertical
RTK/Kinematic 10mm + 1 ppm horizontal, 15mm + 1 ppm vertical
DGPS > .25m Post Processing, < .50m Real time
Enclosure Magnesium I-beam Housing, Waterproof construction
Dimensions W: 158 x D: 158 x H: 234.5 mm
Weight 1.78 kg
Color Topcon Grey/Yellow
Operating Temperature -20 to +50 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature -20 to +35 with batteries, -40 to +75 without batteries degrees Celsius
Waterproof IP66
Drop 2 m
Internal Battery 2 Li-Ion, 3900mAh, 7.2V
Operating Time 14 Hours
External Power 1 port(s)
Battery Charger Dual Li-Ion "Smart" charger with optional Alkaline battery pack. Charger doubles as external power source
Bluetooth Bluetooth standard 1.2
USB 1.1 Version
Key and LED
Key Two keys, Power ON/Off and Function Start/stop data logging, switch to extended information mode
LED 6, one for receiver status, data recording indication, TX/Rx, Bluetooth status and 2 for indication of each battery charge level
Internal Memory Environmentally protected, removable SD™ media card slot
Capacity 1024 MB
External Power Port 1 port(s), DC Jack Type A ODU
External Antenna Connector reverse tnc/bnc modem connector
SD Card Slot 1 slot, Memory I/O
Serial Port 1 port(s), RS232 ODU

Topcon Tools Post-Processing
Topcon Tools software provides a powerful post-processing solution, network analysis and adjustment with an intuitive operator interface that's easy to learn and use. Version 6.04 further expands the already diverse modular functionality with a new 'Imaging' module to support our newest line of optical imaging products. Impressive data automation routines take much of the hassle out of GPS processing and get you the right answer fast!
Features Include:
  • GIS High Accuracy module
    • GIS Professional bundles the GIS module with High Accuracy module
  • Imaging Module
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Topcon GPS+ data processing with direct import from Topcon receivers using Topcon Link™
  • Expanded features on Design Module include DTM edits, Advanced layer control, and more
  • Advanced Processing module enhanced
  • Additional background image support (Mr.SID…)
  • Expanded import and export for Autodesk

SurveyMaster Office Software
CAD solution and field-to-finish drafting
  • Complete Desktop Survey Solution
  • Field to Finish Topcon Solution
  • Synchronization with TopSURV 7
  • Program is transportable – USB Key
  • Finished Plat Printing
  • Land Survey Functions
  • Contouring and Surface File Editing
  • Volume analysis
  • Standalone performance
Control your survey data with SurveyMaster - whether in a deeded boundary survey or a construction site. SurveyMaster was designed by surveyors for surveyors and stands alone in ease of use and seamless integration with Topcon field equipment.