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SDL30 & SDL50
Digital Levels


This level is suited for various environments from low light to bright sunlight and artificial light. It has been designed to provide unwavering accuracy in the field even with adverse operating environments. This instrument performs accurately and efficiently measuring height and distance.

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Bring the benefits of digital leveling to construction applications at an affordable price with this reliable, easy-to-use digital level. In less than 3 seconds and with the touch of a key, height difference and distance can be measured and the result is stored in internal memory. This level minimizes human error and maximizes the ease of leveling work, allowing increased productivity and performance

Download Brochure & Specifications

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This low cost, user-friendly digital levels are ideal for construction. Use it instead of a traditional automatic level when doing site preparation work, road cross-sections, or any leveling task requiring data storage for further processing. The SDL30M is now loaded with internal memory. Measured data can be recorded either automatically or manually. Data storage capacity is 2000 points with up to 20 storable job files. The level easily displays remaining memory and allows the user to review stored data.
  • Applications for the SDL30 /50  include high precise level loops that require a large amount of data and long lengths of the loop. Because the SDL30 can electronically record measurement data, it is no longer necessary to manually record information used for reducing to elevations.
  • Ability to obtain height and distance with the touch of one key
  • Drainage installations and revisions
  • Bridge Deck and Roadbed level
  • HVAC installation
  • Cross-Section Surveys