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Sensefly eBee Std. Demo UAV Package including:eBee std UAV, hard case, radio modem,charger,wings,6 month warranty $11,500.00               EDI
Topcon IP-S2 Mobile Mapping Lidar System. IP-S2 System with 3 lidar heads, 360 degree camera, complete software and training. OPTIONAL- Preconfigured vehicle with all mounting equipment. $95,000.00 OBO               EDI
Topcon GLS1500 3D Scanner includes Topcon ScanMaster Software $16,000.00               EDI

 Robotic Total Stations

Topcon PS103A 3"  RC-5 Kit included Factory Warranty                                                                           List $26,095.00 Sale Price- $19,390.00  
Topcon DS-105AC 5"  Robot with Bluetooth and powerful EDM                                                   $10,990.00          

 Topcon Conventional Total Stations

Topcon GPT 3207NW 7"  Reflectorless Total Station                                                        $2,695.00         
Topcon GTS-246N 6" Total Station with Bluetooth and laser plummet                                                     $2,495.00          
Topcon GTS-223 3" Total Station with laser plummet                                                       $1,695.00         
Sokkia CX-103 3" Total Station Reflectorless                                              $5,395.00          
Topcon OS-103 3" Reflectorless Conventional Unit with Magnet Field On-Board                          MSRP::$13,689.00 Sales Price- $10,490.00 EDI
GoWin TKS-202 Total Station with Bluetooth $1,395.00  

 Nikon And Leica Conventional Total Stations

Nikon Nivo 3M 3" accuracy, Bluetooth, Reflectorless, DEMO  FULL WARRANTY $6,895.00  
Nikon NPL 322+ 2" accuracy, Dual Display, 1400ft. Reflectorless, Bluetooth, DEMO, Full Warranty $5,495.00  
Nikon Nivo 5M 5" accuracy, Bluetooth, Reflectorless, DEMO  FULL WARRANTY $5,895.00  
Leica TCR705A 5" accuracy, motorized auto track Total Station SN:651628                                                         $4900.00 EDI

 Sokkia Conventional Total Stations

Sokkia CX-52 2" Dual Display, NO BT, SN:TZ0058                                                         MSRP:$6,700.00 Sales Price- $5,495.00            EDI
Sokkia FX-105 5" Reflectorless Conventional Unit with Magnet Field On-Board.                         MSRP:$12,350.00 Sales Price- $9,849.00            EDI
Sokkia SET 3X 3" accuracy, 1" display $6,300.00  
Sokkia SET 350 RX 3" accuracy, Bluetooth, Laser Plummet, Reflectorless $5,950.00  
Sokkia SET 250RX 2" accuracy Bluetooth, Laser Plummet, Reflectorless *Call for availability* $8,295.00