Recon AA Power Boot Module .

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Recon AA Power Boot Module              .  

Alternate power source for the TDS Recon


Like the standard rechargeable NiMH PowerBoot Module, the AA PowerBoot Module includes a standard 9-pin serial port and a USB port for connecting the Recon to a PC for rapid data transfer.

At room temperature, the Recon can run for about eight hours with two AA alkaline batteries or 16 hours with two AA lithium batteries.

Supports both alkaline and lithium AA cells.

Holds two AA cells-alkaline cells last approximately eight hours at room temperature, while lithium cells last approximately 16 hours.

Meets all Recon environmental specifications.

Provides USB and serial ports like those on the standard PowerBoot Module.

Quick and easy to remove, swap or reinstall in the field.

Provides an energy source with an unattended shelf life of many years.

Spectra # 67101-05-SPN

Hayes Stock # 137905