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Hayes "Worry-Free" Leasing Advantages
Cancel or Purchase Anytime Options makes "Worry-Free" better than other methods of financing.

"Worry-Free" better than cash:
A cash purchase is final. It's yours whether you use it or not. It uses up valuable cash reserves. It means expensive repairs and maintenance after the warranty. It means using equipment until it becomes obsolete then having to dispose of it. If you make an unwise cash purchase or you get a "lemon", then you are stuck with it. Profits come from using equipment - not owning it. 

"Worry-Free" better than a bank loan:
A bank loan has the same disadvantages as paying cash - plus interest costs. It also uses up valuable bank credit which you may need for more important business projects. Also, many banks won't make loans on "hi-tech" equipment to new businesses or newly licensed individuals. Bank loans can get put off or renewed when business slows down and the equipment may become obsolete while payments are still being made. Again, profits come from using equipment - not owning it.

"Worry-Free" better than other leases:
Most commercial leases are non-cancelable. Non-cancelable means you can't return the equipment before the end of the lease term for any reason. Most non-cancelable lease contracts state that you must pay the total of all lease payments. In other words, you can't save any money by paying off the lease early. The "Worry-Free" lease cancel or purchase anytime options eliminate both of these objections to leasing.

"Worry-Free" service is the best:
Banks and commercial lease companies have no interest in the performance of your equipment after the contract is signed. After you've paid your money or signed a contract, your level of service after the sale can vary greatly, depending on where you bought your equipment. Hayes "Worry-Free" cancellation option guarantees that we are going to do everything in our power to keep you productive and happy with your equipment, so that you will continue "Worry - Free" leasing as a permanent way to solve your surveying equipment and financing problems.

Purchase Option
"Worry Free" leased equipment can be purchased at any time during the lease term, without penalty. Current value at the time of the purchase guarantees that all future leasing costs will be saved. There are no additional charges of any kind to purchase the equipment before the end of the lease, even if the lease is only one month old. Leases are calculated using our competitive cash sale price which not only makes for lower payments, but also reduces net cost if the leased equipment is purchased.

Lease Cancellations
Equipment may be returned anytime without penalty for many reasons, including:

* Completion of a project and the need to lay off a crew.
* Recession or loss of business.
* Bankruptcy, partnership dissolved, divorce, etc.
* Sickness, disability or death.
* You got a "lemon" or equipment not adequate for the job.

Renting vs. Hayes "Worry Free" Leasing Cost Comparison
The industry-wide average short term monthly rental cost of total stations and accessories is about 10% per month of the selling price of new equipment. In other words, a new total station package that would sell for $10,000 would rent for about $1,000 per month. Below is a comparison of a new $10,000 total station package that would be rented and returned to the dealer at the end of the 1st through 4th month.

Example monthly rental cost for a 4 month project on a $10,000 system selling price

Industry Average
'Worry-Free' Lease
Average Savings
1st mo. $1,000 1st mo. $1000 0
2nd mo. $1,000 2nd mo. $288 $712
3rd mo. $1,000 3rd mo. $288 $1,424
4th mo. $1,000 4th mo. $288 $2,136

It is evident from the above example that after the first month the "Worry-Free" savings accrue very rapidly. The "Worry-Free" savings on a 4 month project is over $2,000 --- plus, you still have all the "Worry-Free" advantages if you decide to continue additional months at the low monthly rental payments.   And of course, you can cancel  or purchase your "Worry-Free" lease at anytime during the 36 month term with no penalty of any kind.

Items included in package
Cash Price
Lease Payment
Total Station
Heavy-duty Tripod
Data Collection Package
Magnetic Locator
Two Hand-held Radios
Single Prism
Prism Rod

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