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DT-200 / 200L Series



The DT-200 series integrates the same high-quality advanced absolute circle reading technology found in Topcon's high-performance total station products for more accurate field calculations; and they continue to deliver the highest quality optics and electronics you expect to find in Topcon Theodolites. All this, plus the addition of a laser diode on the 200 L Series that's perfect for easy, one-person alignment jobs. Available in three affordable models delivering 5", 7", or 9" angle accuracy, there is a DT-200 Theodolite perfect for any job. Like the DT-100 series, the DT-200 series weathers any wet or dust conditions in the field, allowing for a more productive day during inclement weather. All models are also compact and lightweight for easy portability; and their simple operation provides precise measurement in a functional, hassle-free package.

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This chart is a general guide to hardware specifications.  All specifications are subject to change.
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Length: 149mm
Objective Lens: 45mm (1.77 in)
Magnification: 30x 26x
Image: Erect
Field of View: 130'
Resolving Power: 2.5" 3.0"
Minimum Focus: 90cm
Stadia Constant: 0
Sighting Collimator: Double
Electronic Angle Measurement
Method: Absolute Reading
Detection Horizontal: 2 sides
Vertical: 1 side
Horizontal: 1 side
Vertical: 1 side
Minimum Reading: 1"/5" 5"/10" 10"/20"
Accuracy: 5" 7" 9"
Diameter of Circle: 71mm
Display Panel: 2 Sides
LCD 7 Segments
1 Side
LCD 7 Segments
Illumination: Display and Reticle Display only
Data Output
Serial Signal Connector:   RS-232C
Tilt Sensor: Vertical
Compensating Range: 3'
Optical Plummet Telescope
Magnification: 3x
Field of View: 3
Focusing Range: 0.5m~infinity
Level Sensitivity
Plate Level: 40"/2mm 60"/2mm
Circular Level: 10'/2mm
Water/Dust Protection
Standard: IP-66
Power Supply
Battery: Four AA batteries
Operating Time: 140 hours 150 hours 170 hours
Laser Pointer   (200L Series Only)
Method: Focusing
Wave Length/Power: 633nm/0.6mW
Laser Class: Class II