Mighty Probe - 48 Inch .

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Mighty Probe - 48 Inch                           .  

Insulated Metal Soil Probe


Incorporates all the quality features of the Smart Stick with the addition of a current isolator to increase operator protection against electrical shock.

The Mighty Probe is to be used for secondary protection and is not intended to replace the user's personal protective equipment.

The Mighty Probe provides increased protection against electrical shock resulting from incidental contact with energized lines.

As with all quality tools, it should be used correctly and under proper conditions.

The Mighty Probe has been tested to 50,000 volts by an independent testing laboratory following ASTM F711-89 testing procedures. Additionally, it has been tested by the commercial laboratory services of a major utility company. (Both dry and 48hr. water soak to 45,000 volts.)

IMPORTANT: The Mighty Probe lengths includes the 6" current isolator. Therefore the 48" Mighty Probe allows you to probe 42" deep (48" overall - 6" isolator = 42" rod).

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