Crain Round LR-STD 25 ft Rod

Crain Round LR-STD 25 ft Rod


Telescoping Round Fiberglass Rod

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The LR-STD Series Leveling Rod is the original fiberglass rod, for many years, the industry standard. The LR series are round and have a smaller diameter ( 1 1/2 inch) making it easier to handle. The LR-STD is available in 25 Ft. length in tenths & hundredths 

  • The LR Series leveling rods are round and easy to handle
  • The LR-PRO is larger in diameter so sturdier and easier to read
  • 25 ft
  • Graduations feet/10ths/100ths
  • Includes carrying case 
  • Outside Diameter is 2 inches
  • Weighs 7.00 lb (3.17 kg

Seco / Crain Number 90004

LR Series Compatible Prism Adapter >>>

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Weight 8 lbs