CST/berger Magna-Trak 202 Locator


CST/berger Magna-Trak 202 Locator

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Magnetic Locator

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Ergonomic, balanced design for easy handling.

Instrument control panel features LCD visual display and water-repellent push button switch operation.

Two-digit numeric signal indicator, an expanding analog bar graph signal indicator, battery indicator, and ‘Caution; Power Line’ alert flashing indicator.

Displays ‘ferrous’ model operation.

Aluminum sensor tube is waterproof to just under the plastic case.

Powerful magnetic speaker with molded cover to protect speaker from direct contact of water and dust.

Easy access battery compartment Adjustable sensitivity and volume buttons with power On/Off.

Deep tone audio under search conditions; signals peak over ferrous objects .

High-Tech magnetic toroidal sensors and patented electronic balancing circuitry.

** MagnaTrac 202 has erase feature**

FIVE YEAR WARRANTY Includes soft carry case.


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Weight 5.75 lbs