Magnet Site

Magnet Site



MAGNET Site is a fully featured design and drafting software solution for any machine control, land development, and road design project.

With its numerous customizable options and comprehensive editing capabilities, it is the proven software solution for construction contractors and designers. You can elevate 2D plans and create 3D road and site models from CAD files. An in-built capability helps simplify complex road design projects enabling the easy design of road corridors, highways, and intersections.


  • Extensive 2D to 3D toolset with the most versatile textures in the market
  • Full road design functionality
  • Merging of surface models
  • Automated pad design with automatic cut/fill balance
  • Multiple volume routines
  • Automated CAD data cleanup
  • The output of machine control files
  • Review of different design discipline models
  • BIM modeling, simulation, and clash detection
  • Easy import of multiple file-formats including Bentley .dng, AutoCAD .dwg, LandXML and IFC


  • Access to MAGNET Enterprise
  • All MAGNET Survey and Layout functionality
  • Online functionality for a license Check-In/Out
    • Check out – access your organization’s MAGNET Office license pool and reserve the license for your work
    • Check-in – return the license back to the license pool and release it for another user


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