Sliding Prism and Sectional Pole Kit

Sliding Prism and Sectional Pole Kit


Zero Prism Constant Only

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SECO # 5910-05 This mini-prism holder tilts and slides up and down the pin poles.

It features a 25-mm zero offset silver-coated mini-prism made of high-quality anodized aluminum.

The vertical angle site cones double as locks, one for height and one for prism tilt.

The prism has a 40-min adjustable circular vial.

A height pointer is built into the holder for accurate measure. Includes four 1-ft (30-cm) pole sections each with 0.50 ft (15.24 cm) mark.

Featuring a replaceable plumb bob point on bottom section.

This prism includes an adapter so prism can be used on any pole or tribrach adapter with 5/8 x 11 threads.

It also Includes adapter so the mini-prism can be used hand held to measure flat surfaces or corners.

System bag included.

Weighs 1.40 lbs (0.63 kg) 

SECO # 5910-05

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