Sokkia GCX-2

Sokkia GCX-2



The Sokkia GCX2 GNSS Receiver has a small and lightweight design ideal for all precision applications. It features multi-constellation tracking and comes loaded with basic GPS/GLONASS L1 option, which means more satellites are available and provide better positioning accuracy. With its long-range Bluetooth technology, this GNSS receiver is ideal for dual frequency static or RTK data collection, and as a network rover. The GCX2 also offers an innovative and ergonomic antenna design, making it versatile and highly accurate for land surveying and construction stakeout, as well as in landscape architecture, GIS, and forensic mapping.

This Sokkia GNSS receiver can be used as a mobile base RTK system using its built-in Bluetooth technology and may support up to three rover receivers simultaneously at a working range of up to 1,000 feet. In addition, when paired with a cellular-enabled field controller along with MAGNET Enterprise software, the Sokkia GCX2 becomes an ideal precision network rover with connectivity from one base up to ten rovers.


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