Topcon DL-503 Digital Level

Topcon DL-503 Digital Level


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Quick. Easy. Reliable – Electronic Digital Level

Topcon DL-500 series digital levels maximize work efficiency and minimize human errors, providing consistent measurement precision and speed regardless of operator’s skill levels.

Incorporating cutting-edge Random-Bidirectional (RAB) coding technology and optimum digital processing algorithm, the DL-500 provides exceptional measurement accuracy, stability, and speed, under a variety of environmental conditions. Even when the staff surface is partially shaded, or in dim lighting conditions as low as 20 lux, one single button triggers measurement and the DL-500 instantly shows reliable results.

The world’s first “Wave-and-Read” technology provides an additional survey style option that allows a rod person to wave the staff back and forth, instead of keeping the staff plumb.

  • One Button Triggers measurement and data storage
  • 0.6mm/0.8mm height accuracy
  • “wave and read” technology
  • Pre-installed measurement programs
  • High accuracy height difference measurement
  • Inverse staff reading for ceiling height



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