Topcon Magnet Survey

Topcon Magnet Survey



MAGNET Survey provides you with the exact tools that you need to simplify and oversee everyday land development work to reduce errors and keep projects moving forward. It includes customizable drafting and design tools for property plots, subdivision design, and land development projects. Process your data within an intuitive drafting environment to create simple or complex drawing layouts. Prepare and share your data to be used by land surveyors, civil engineers, and machine operators.


  • MAGNET Office Tools process and reporting software enhanced by full sub-division design tools
  • Contour and surface creation, volumetrics, and automated pad design
  • User-defined Title Blocks, Symbols, and Linetypes
  • Secure and direct connectivity to your MAGNET Enterprise Account for collaboration


  • Access to MAGNET Enterprise
  • All MAGNET Layout functionality
  • Online functionality for a license Check-In/Out
    • Check out – access your organization’s MAGNET Office license pool and reserve the license for your work
    • Check-in – return the license back to the license pool and release it for another user

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