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Hayes Instrument Co., the leading supplier of top of the line surveying instruments and supplies, has been serving the Surveying, Engineering, and Construction industry for over 40 years. Hayes is a factory authorized distributor for Topcon and Sokkia, as well as several top vendors of surveying supplies and accessories.

In addition to our top of the line equipment and supplies, we have our complete factory-authorized Service Center. Hayes is among the fastest on turn around in the industry, and all work is guaranteed. Another aspect of Hayes Instrument is our Tech Support on all equipment. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best customer service and pride ourselves on serving our customers every day.

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At Hayes, our service department is fully staffed with factory-trained technicians to properly repair and calibrate your instrument back to manufacturer’s specifications.

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Hayes help was created for our customers’ needs for continued support and training. Your access to everything you need to know 24/7, 7 days a week.


In addition to instrument repairs that are needed, Hayes also recommends keeping your calibrations up to date so that your instruments are working accurately and properly.


Sokkia iM-50 Series Total Stations: Versatile & Powerful

The perfect tool for entry-level site layout and surveying. With integrated Bluetooth® capability and internal antenna, the sleek design enables you to deliver
measurements cable-free to your data controller.

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Topcon Carbon Fiber Snap Lock Pole

Topcon Carbon Fiber Snap Lock Pole

Sokkia Carbon Fiber 2 Meter, 2 Section

Sokkia GRX1 Rover Pole, Carbon Fiber 2 Meter, 2 Section

SitePro Aluminum Twist Clamp Tripod

ALW20 ALUMINUM HEAVY DUTY WING SCREW TRIPOD The ALW20 is a heavy duty, aluminum tripod…

Lufkin 100 FT Long Tape Measure

This LUFKIN engineers long tape measure features a strong, lightweight case with an open 4-arm…

Topcon HiPer 11 Base Rover UHF System

Features & Benefits: Smaller. Lighter. Faster. More Affordable Integrated GPS+GLONASS RTK & Static Receiver Rugged,…

Sokkia GCX3 GPS

The GCX3 is the ideal local jobsite base/rover RTK (Real Time Kinematic) system or Network…

Topcon GR-5 Base/Rover with GPS and Glonass

The GR-5 features the multi-constellation 226-Channel Vanguard GNSS chip with Universal Tracking Channel Technology. The…

Topcon ES-102 Conventional Total Station

The Topcon ES Series was designed from the ground up to deliver the very latest…

Topcon GR-5 Base/Rover with GPS Glonass Beidou and Galileo

The GR-5 features the multi-constellation 226-Channel Vanguard GNSS chip with Universal Tracking Channel Technology. The…

SitePro Quick-Release Controller Cradle for Surveyor 2/Allegro 2

Cradle for Surveyor2 and Allegro 2 The SureGrip™ 5274 quick release cradle features a clamping…