Meet Our Team

Tyler Bell

General Manager

Julie Bobo Tucker

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Jerry Shearon

Customer Success Manager

Jerry is Hayes Instruments Customer Success Manager. He has a
licensed PLS with over 33 years of experience in the survey world. Jerry
adds tremendous value to the Hayes team that can’t be matched. His
knowledge of everything surveying will be sure to carry your customer
relationship with Hayes to the next level.

Micah Donegan

Technical Sales Representative

Micah has over 15 years at Hayes with 12 years of GPS Repair and Technical Support. His knowledge of GPS and other instruments makes him a great partner to his customers and their companies. Give Micah a call today and to take your business to the top!

Charles Bryan

Outside Technical Sales Representative

Charles is a licensed PLS in 4 states with over 45 years in the surveying industry. His experience and accomplishments in the industry are incredible. Charles loves to meet our clients face to face to make sure they are well trained on their new equipment and are set up to get to work right away. He would love to come to see you!

James Bryan

Technical Sales Representative

James has worked in the construction and survey world. He has over fourteen years in selling Instruments and Supplies. James’ strong point other than his knowledge of equipment is the technical support he gives his customers. You will be amazed at his expertise to get you outfitted with the perfect equipment to help your business be more productive.

Eddie Clark

Technical Sales Representative

Eddie is Hayes outside Technical Sales Representative in South Carolina. Eddie has been in the business for over 34 years. His experience in the industry and his knowledge of knowing exactly what his customers need is a commodity. Eddie is known for his excellent customer service and partnerships with his customers.

Chip Teague

 Technical Sales Representative

Chip is Hayes Instruments outside Technical Sales Representative in South Carolina. With over 31 years in the industry, Chip is highly knowledgeable in the surveying world. You can count on him for not only his knowledge but his top-notch customer service.

Vincent Brown

Technical Support Specialist

With over 30 years in technical support, training, and software development you can be certain that Vincent will be able to help. He is the voice for technical support at Hayes. He also keeps Hayes Help up to date with all the information you might need for your instruments.

Aaron Eads

Specialty Repair Technician

Aaron specializes in Robotic and Conventional Total Stations, RC units, as well as many other instruments and accessories. He has a great background of over 4 years in the technical field. Aaron’s goal is to get your instruments back to you in a timely manner and in working order.

Terry Lockwood

Senior Repair Technicians

Terry has been with Hayes for over 15 years. Calibration and repairs are his specialties. His skill set is incredible and is a huge benefit for Hayes’s repair team. His processes for the equipment that has touched his hands over the years is priceless.

Jeff Mason

GPS and Data Collector Repair Technician

Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his 20+ years in the electronics engineering field. Your GPS will be in good hands with Jeff! Give him a call today for all of your GPS repair needs.

Shane Sharp

Repair Technician

Shane is our newest Repair Technician at Hayes. We are excited to have him aboard. Shane went to college and studied Mechatronics. Mechatronics is a branch of engineering that focuses on the engineering of electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering systems, and also includes a combination of robotics, electronics, computer, telecommunications and systems. You will be communicated a lot with Shane!

Mark Gilliam

Purchasing Specialist


Andrea Parker

Shipping and Receiving 


Seth Isley

Shipping and Receiving 


Amy Gamble

Accounts Receivable


Janice Boshers

Accounts Payable


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