Aervoe Marking Paint


Aervoe Marking Paint


Inverted Marking Paint

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 A case is 12 cans****

Due to economic changes, some of our vendors are going up in cost of products. Hayes strives to be the price leader and will do our best to serve our customers in every way.

Best quality, long-lasting, clog-resistant, solvent-based, large 17 oz. can.

A superior upside-down marking paint designed for survey marking.

It provides the best quality paint in terms of color visibility, retention, and durability.

Mark will last up to 6 months Non-freezing Operational to 14°F (-10°C)

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 10 in

Single Can

Paint Color

Orange Fluorescent, Pink Fluorescent, Red Fluorescent, Green Fluorescent, Blue Fluorescent, Yellow Fluorescent, Standard Red, Standard Blue, Standard Yellow, Purple, Black, White, Clear


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